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كبانہ كیپیٹل- بہترین فاریكس بروكر

Cabanacapitals.com is a ECN European trading broker. Best forex broker having Pakistan local banks deposit and withdraw facility without any charges.
Following are some main features of broker:-

  1. Broker Name. Cabanacapitals.com
  2. Trading Platform. MT4 ( Metatrader 4 )
  3. Swap Free ( Islamic Account ). Yes
  4. Local bank deposit. Yes
  5. Account Types. 7 ( Micro, Active, Standard, Premium, Elite, Vip, Premium line )
  6. Minimum spread. 0.6
  7. Minimum deposit. 15$
  8. Deposit methods. Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney, Perfect money, BTC, Visa, Maestro, Bank wire, Local bank.
  9. Skrill deposit. Instant
  10. Withdraw Charges, No
  11. Urdu, Hindi live support. Yes
  12. Urdu, Hindi account managers. Yes
  13. Leverage. 1:500
  14. Regulation. St, Vincent
  15. Offices. London, Dubai
  16. Negative balance protection. Yes
  17. Forex Analytics. Yes
  18. Skrill Withdraw time. 3 Hours
  19. Local banks withdraw time. 24 hours
  20. PAMM Account. Yes
  21. Website languages. 89
  22. Mobile Trading. Yes
  23. Oil Trading. Allow
  24. Crypto Trading. No
  25. Promotions and Contest. Yes
  26. Currencies. 50+
  27. CFD. 150+
  28. Account verification by CNIC only
  29. Verification time (maximum 24 hours)
  30. News Trading, Hedging, EA trading and Scalping  Allowed
  31. No Fixed spread account
  32. Swap free account
  33. UrduForexGuide (100/100)


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