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15$ كا منافع ہر ٹریڈ پر

Instaforex Great Rebate
15$ on Each Trade


Who is not familiar with the name of InstaForex? InstaForex is a great and trusted Forex broker across the world. The proof of trust on InstaForex is that the number of InstaForex clients has exceeded 2 million.

Instaforex has many features for traders. One of the best features of InstaForex is the “Fixed spreads” in the Best Forex Trading Account that has 3 pipes in popular currencies.

The Forex Guide has been brought for its honorable / distinguished clients, offering unique wonderful OFFER, such as re-rebate in InstaForex fixed spreads, and also on every trade.


Actually, the Urdu Forex Guide wants to help the traders with the help of this rebate program so that they are more profitable due to their revenues on profit.

Why Choose Insta Forex Rebate?

Compared to such a rebate program of other brokers, InstaForex’s rebate program is unique based on the following features: –

 1-   InstaForex’s rebate comes into an account when the business closes under automated system.

2-   Compared to the rest of the broker’s rebate program, InstaForex gives more rebate that are 50% of the spreads when the rest of the brokers give less than 50% re-bate.

Under InstaForex rebate program
1.5 pip returns on every trade i.e. $ 15 profit

InstaForex rebate program provides an opportunity to traders that they must be compensated on their trades irrespective of profit/loss trades. On closure of trade irrespective of loss or profit, the 15$ Insta rebate will deposited into trading account thus $15 dollar profit per trade.


How does Instaforex rebate work?

1-  The account opened under the InstaForex rebate program will get $15 profit on each standard lot trade.

2-  The rebate will be deposited in the trading account within two days, No additional form or email is required


Example -1


Suppose a trader trade average of 25 standard lot trades in the month and he gets registered in this rebate program, and will earn more than $375 in addition to its trading profit on 25 trades.


There is no need for any other effort and capital to get these more 375 dollars.


Example -2


The trader closed a standard size lot of trade on zero profit, but due to the rebate program it will still earn a profit of 15 dollars.


Example – 3


If the trader put a trade and closed it at a loss of 10 dollars. But this will not hurt it under the Best Rebate program. 15 dollars will be given as a rebate and thus trader will be compensated for the loss of $ 10 and it also benefits $5.

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