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Open Forex Rebate Account

How to Open Rebate Account

In order to join Instaforex Rebate, the forex account will be opened by following simple ways. Because this is a scheme, so it will have two steps instead one normal step.

First step

1- Click this link at the first step click here

When the new page opened, click the button as shown below:

On opening of new page, scroll the page till bottom and click Red Button “Accept terms of agreement”, and complete the form on new opened page. After finishing your name email, click on the Open Account button on bottom of page. After clicking this button,  new account number and your name will be appear on new screen and all details of newly created account will also be sent to you in email and sms.

Second Step

2- Back to the second step, click here, and complete the below form on new opened page and enter the following information.

  • First enter the number of new account in the first box.
  • In the second box, enter the name that was given the while opening account.
  • Enter a mobile number in the third box. (same as on account opening page)
  • Enter your e-mail address in the next box.
  • After this, enter the above shown code in the verification box.
  • If you have any comments, then enter them or leave them empty.
  • Finally click in select box before “I accept …” and press the Send button.
  • You will receive confirmation email that your account has been included in this scheme.

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